Sunday, 24 February 2013

easyIDea ML450T ID Card Laminator- 4.5" Teslin Pouch Laminating Machine

easyIDea ML450T ID Card Laminator- 4.5" Teslin Pouch Laminating Machine

Laminate ID Cards up to 32Mil Thick
Up to 2 hours of Non-Stop Continuous Use
Able to Laminate thinner Badges with 3Mil and 5Mil Butterfly Pouches
2 pre-set temperature settings for thinner and thicker cards. No Guess work Required!
Also great for Laminating Photos and small Documents!

The easyIDeaTM miniLamTM 450T is the best laminator available for ID Cards. With two pre-set temperature settings, the ML450T is the easiest hot pouch laminator machine to use. Use the first setting if you plan on making identification cards as thin as 10Mil, and the second setting if you plan on making standard 30Mil plastic cards. This machine has been tested with the full line of TeslinTM paper and the credit card sized butterfly pouches to insure the best looking and sturdiest cards.

Better than the Competition:
The competition sells laminators that are originally made for photos. This miniLamTM 450T is designed for making standard PVC cards such as employee cards, identification cards, badges for conferences, luggage tags, and many more DIY projects. With 2 hours of continuous use, you will no longer face the problems the competing products have.

Very easy to Use:
When you have printed your design on perforated synthetic paper such as TeslinTM Paper, all you have to do is run the paper through the machine with a butterfly pouch. The card will come out the other end looking and feeling just like a standard plastic card. This method is great because it does not require an ID Card printer that costs thousands. If you require additional security, optional hologram overlays can easily applied to the top of the laminated cards.

List Price:$69.99
Price: $69.99

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